Email Communications Officer

  • Central Level 2 (Officer)
  • Home-working

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For this generation, by this generation

Position title: Email Communications Officer
Position ref: #0010
Department: Chief Executive’s Office
Direct report: Harry Burr (Chief Executive)
Base location: Home-based
Level: Central Level 2 (Officer)
Experience: No transport experience required


Sustainable Transport Midlands (STM), a transport innovation group for this generation, by this generation, is looking for a new volunteer to support the improvement of their email communication activities, including the enhancement of the existing email newsletter (including making it more regular via a Weekly Operations Update), and growing the number of subscribers.

What we do

Sustainable Transport Midlands is a transport innovation and improvement not-for-profit: for this generation, by this generation. From Grimsby to Gloucester and Cambridge to Crewe, STM works with authorities and the transport sector within its Midlands operating area, to solve local and regional challenges, and ensure investment is prioritised in sustainable public and active transport. They do this by running projects in partnership with stakeholders or interested parties, which are led by volunteers within Sustainable Transport Midlands.

The role

STM are currently looking for a new volunteer Email Communications Officer to join the Sustainable Transport Midlands team. The Officer will report directly to the Chief Executive through the Chief Executive’s Office. Main responsibilities will cover our email newsletter. The Officer will also have a say on press releases and media relations.

The Officer will report to the Chief Executive, who reports to the Board of Directors. It has been noted that, once the tasks above have been completed, the Executive Agent could be moved into the Cabinet Executive for External Communications role.

To learn more about the organisation’s Structure, visit the Sustainable Transport Midlands website.

Primary responsibilities

The Officer will hold the following statutory responsibilities:

  • Managing the STM email newsletter and its growth.
  • Reporting transparently to the Chief Executive at fortnightly sessions.


  • Good knowledge of PR, communications, and social media.
  • Access to a computer, and ability to use the internet, for tools such as Google Workspace, Notion, and other internal software provided by partners.
  • Effective in working within a fast-moving and fast-growing team.
  • Committed to developing our transport network.


Meet like-minded people
By volunteering with us, you are helping us build our team, which is collaborative and sociable. Through our volunteering programme, you can meet people just like you, and make friends. We promote collaboration and togetherness, including meeting out-of-work, and within social times.

Experience unique opportunities
From appearing on TV, to visiting important industry organisations such as Train Operating Companies and Sub-national Transport Bodies, there are so many experiences you can gain from volunteering with Sustainable Transport Midlands. Not only are these experiences fun and enjoyable, but they can also look great on a CV, and it’s another place where you can learn about our industry.

Benefit your community
Of course, you will also benefit your community, even if you choose to go into a back-end role. We’re all about supporting the development of our Midlands region, and the wider English regions, so whatever you do within Sustainable Transport Midlands, from an executive role to an agent position, you’re helping your economy, your environment, and your links to the rest of the UK.

Make your opinion known
As a volunteer with Sustainable Transport Midlands, you”ll be able to (with prior approval) post on our public STM Opinion platform, which is our blog for volunteers. From commenting on national projects, to voicing your opinion on consultations, it’s a great way to express your interest and opinion.


Location, location, location
All our positions are primarily home working-based. We do not have any permanent offices, although you may be required to travel for meetings, conferences, and other external events. Where appropriate, we can organise these events to be virtual, as most internal meetings are now.

Timings and work patterns
You can put as much or as little time as you want into Sustainable Transport Midlands. We recommend five hours per week for each volunteer, although depending on your position, this can differ (see the main volunteering homepage).

Mental health
At Sustainable Transport Midlands, we understand stress and mental health can be a big guiding factor in someone’s life. As a result, if you feel stressed or if there’s a problem in your personal or work life, please let us know, and we will try to support you. If you’d rather not tell us, please just inform us that you’d like to take a leave of absence, and we’ll try to organise this for you.


We understand the amount of pressure students – especially those undertaking GCSEs, A-levels, and other examinations, may be under. As a result, we try to be even more flexible than we already are with students, to ensure they can succeed in education and with their future careers.

We also understand the effect school may have on stress levels and mental health. It’s in our blood to be understanding, caring, and inclusive, so whenever you need to talk to someone, our kind-hearted team members are here to help you. If you need to take time away from Sustainable Transport Midlands, we can also arrange a temporary leave of absence.

Especially for younger students just getting into their career, a volunteer placement with Sustainable Transport Midlands can be a great start. From gaining useful experience through visits and new contacts, to benefitting your community through a volunteer role.

Sustainable Transport Midlands volunteer roles can look invaluable on a CV, and can support you through application processes for further education, jobs, and further volunteering opportunities.

Most recently, we have been working with the University of Northampton (UoN) on promoting our volunteering scheme internally within Waterside Campus, as well as developing STM as an organisation utilising resources within the University.

To apply for this volunteer post, please visit